Friday, November 09, 2007


Yes, yes, YES!

I finally started my nano-novel! YES!!! Only 351 words, but dang, it's a start. I've decided that as long as I get more words than last year (8,000 some odd), I'm happy. Officially, I'm aiming for 20,000. I wasn't intending to do it by hand. It's slower and if I'm going for 50,000 it's too slow. But right now, I'm good just to write. Period. Maybe this'll help pull me out of my dump.



(check me out!)


Nathaniel said...

510 I'm on fire and have to stop for church what a bust. I think I could easily make about 2k if I had time tonight.

Nathaniel said...

You got her name to show up.

~Ley said...

Wow... I totally didn't do anything. :-)