Friday, September 07, 2007

On Romance

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I want to be romanced at some point in my life. Now, maybe I should explain what I mean by 'romance'. Some of you may think of those novels with women of the cover, mouths open and eyes closed in ecstasy at the slightest touch of their lover's huge, masculine body, layered in muscle most ordinary men will never achieve. I'm not trying to destroy your dreams here, but it's not gonna happen, sweetheart.

Well, now you know what I don't mean by romance. Let's get on to what I do mean.

What I mean by romance is simple. I want to met a nice guy who sees me in a slightly different light than the rest of the world. This 'nice guy' will then understand the commitment I've made to court and not ask me for a date and will just 'be friends'. After awhile he'll work up the courage to ask my dad to court me. I'll be sure to hide the shotgun beforehand. So in he goes to talk to my dad, nervous, sweating like a pig. (Do pigs sweat?) He comes out beaming (hopefully), and now smelling like one. He will then have to understand my no kissing deal. Eventually, he'll work up some more courage and go through the entire process again, this time to ask for my hand. He'll pop me the question and I will remind him (or will that be the other way around?) of my no kissing rule. Then comes all the planning, the wedding, et cetera, et cetera. I'm sure you get the idea.

That is my idea of romance. Very vague, but nice. Notice my lack of description of my 'nice guy'. See, I want him to love me, and other than God's approval, that's all I require. No disappointments. Don't take me wrong. I want someone I'm attracted to, but he doesn't have to be hot to get my attention. And he doesn't have to have green eyes (though it would be a bonus), no matter how much I love that color. It's pointless to argue over the unimportant details, if you're darn sure he's 'The One'.

In the end, I believe romance is sorta like books, and I don't mean the ones with the steamy hunks on the cover. Or maybe I do. But whichever way you wanna take it, don't judge anything by it's cover or you may never know what you're getting. Or what you're not.

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Nathaniel said...

Excellent point.