Saturday, June 16, 2007


Tomorrow we leave for Texas to visit my dad's parents. (Well, Grandma's step.) Richard is going with us, so it is sure to be an interesting ride. I'm ashamed to say that I'm not taking any of the remaining books on my Spring Reading Thing List with me (not enough space!), but, cheat that I am, I will add the books I've read to the list, just like I've been doing. *grins*

I'll still be gone when it comes time to post the end challenge report, but I should find some time to post it. It'll be a nice break for people.

Other than having a lot of time to read (which I've been needing, my TBR pile is starting to frighten me!), the trip back will also give me a chance for a jumpstart on my NaNoWriMo spring training. (Yes, I know it won't be spring anymore.) June 25-July 1. Kooky Kiwi on the Dekker board (see the Circle -->) challenged us to it. One week, 10,000 words. Whoop! Don't know how far I'll get, but I'll love trying.

The story I decided to work on is one that just popped up this last week. On a walk and one short line runs through my mind. "Not yet, bride mine." Yeah, it's a weird one. If I can find my print off, I'll also take along Cheryl's scene starter contest for this month. No rules on spring training. It's kinda just go wild and write, so it'll count.


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