Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spring is over!

It's a sad truth. Spring, my favorite season, is over. And without my beloved rain! Apparently Texas stole it all from me. Grr.

Anyway, on to my Spring Reading Thing Report.

I didn't read 14 of the book on my list (plus the Three Cousins Dectective Club series). Two of them were not my fault! The Bounty Hunter and the Bride and Tribulation House the library never got. Totally not my fault!

Now for the other 12 books. *clears throat* Well.... *thinks hard for a moment* Nope, can't think of any excuse. Sorry. But I do have an explanation.

I am pathetic. (There, I think that fully explains it. See ya!) I have a huge stack of library books at home. (Not to mention a fairly lage stack here with me in Texas.) I desperately need to finish them before I leave for my trip. And since I don't manage to get around to them right away (this I can blame on history books, only two left!) once they get renewed the second time I have to read them, because I can't renew them anymore. I do try to keep my fines down to a minimum. Sometimes I fail. *grins* So there's my explanation. I don't have any time to read the books I actually own. Admittedly, I don't own Inkspell. But, hey, it hasn't been renewed twice yet.

Speaking of books I own, I bought two yesterday. I am now the proud owner of The Restorer and Trackers. They had another book I wanted, Relentless. I tell you, I have never had such a hard time deciding what to buy. I genuinely couldn't pick. The only reason I eventually decided was that The Bookery back home doesn't sell The Restorer or Trackers. Someday I will buy Relentless though. Someday soon, hopefully. Fearless, the sequel, comes out next month. While I'm gone, of course.

I'm getting so shaky, I can hardly type. Talk to you soon.

(Edit: 6, 26, 07, 0833) I just remembered that Katrina has questions to answer. I know that they're not required, but I'd like to do them. When I get home. :) I link to it here when I get it done and posted.


Katrina said...

Hey, no pressure on the questions. Only answer them if you really want to. Oh and -- you are NOT pathetic! Sounds like you did a bunch of reading that that's more important than whether or not you got through your list. :) Relentless is a book I've been wanting, too. One of these days... Thanks for being part of the Spring Reading Thing!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Ha ha on being pathetic. It's okay. List or not, so long as you are reading.

~Ley said...

Well, the questions may or may not get answered. Maybe if I'm bored... I don't know we'll see. I'm starting to get overwhelmed by this going on a mission trip thing. Yikes!

Natasha said...

no kidding texas got all the rain! sheesh. that was ridiculous. of course, it's been raining quite a bit here lately...which explains the humidity. ugh lol