Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here goes....

Well, truth, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here. I needed somewhere where i could write and nobody I know can read it, so what safer place than the internet, right? If nobody ever reads this it's fine with me. So, what am I doing? Who knows. God certainly. Other than that... nobody. Someday maybe. Until then I can just ramble since I'm so good at that. Maybe someone will even find it *gasp!* interesting. But if not I don't the heck care.

So, me. I write. Stories. Tales. Pieces of dreams that fall from heaven. And amazingly, right into my own hands. I have so many stories and characters I have trouble keeping them all straight sometimes. But I love every last one of them. And pray that someday I'll have the courage to pass them to someone else so they too can fall in love. Maybe someday I'll be published. I can actually see that. So many stories and not being able to write them down is just a shame. So I won't let that happen. I think this will help. I dream...

God bless,

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