Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Contest

I just sent in my contest entry. And now I'm dying to get it back.

The DragonKeeper forum is holding a grand trivia contest. I got the questions and spent three days agonizing over them til I finally got them all. All but one that is. I decided to just give up on it, because I knew I wasn't going to find it. And I haven't yet. Now that I've actually sent it in though, I'm searching the forum even more thoroughly then I did before. If I find it now, I'll die.

So, I'm desperately hoping I don't find it and at the same time desperately searching for it. Somebody shoot me.

At least I got all the other questions answered. (in noble voice) To the best of my ability and knowledge. All I can do is hope. (cut noble voice) And wait impatiently until monday. *wails* If I manage to survive that long I'll post the results. If...

Until then, live.

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