Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've been meaning to write a post for day, but I keep forgetting. My head sometimes, okay, most times, I just don't know where it gets off to. *shakes head in pondersome disbelief*

So, the thing is, I've finally brought a baby into the world. No, not a squalling flesh-and-blood newborn (I'm so not ready for that!), but a very quiet, paper one. I printed out my short story "Speed Demon" and passed it on to my family to proofread for me. *gulps*

As if that isn't bad enough, it's only the beginning. Once I get it back, I'm going to send it in to Writers of the Future. (Sounds kinda... onerous, doesn't it?) Anyway, it's a quarterly contest. The top three of every quarter are awarded cash prizes. (Money is... nice, handy.) At the end of the year, the four first-place winners are re-judged, and one is chosen to receive an additional (holy chocolate!) $5,000 more. Yeah. And then, to top it all off (sorta like a cherry, 'cepting I don't like those, soooo... whipped cream?), all twelve stories are published in a yearly anthology. This year is, like, somewhere in the 20s.

Yeah, like, dude. o.O

So winning would be major, obviously. But just the fact that I'm really doing this... That's the miracle. God's hand at work apparently, because there is no way I am this brave on my own! Giving my baby to strangers... to critique! 'Ipes!

I always knew my dear Speed Demon, my Daithi, was special. Close to my heart, he and Axelle and their little Coy. Must have something to do with all those full moons. Madness strikes a body at times like those.

So wish luck and Godspeed to my babies, all grown up. Soon they shall be journeying without me.

Here's hoping I don't get empty nest sydrome... *considers briefly her collection of tales started and waiting patiently...* Okay, so that probably won't be a problem. *grins*



Nathaniel said...

Very amazing post. I like the post and your book. Was definitly one of your best.

Nathaniel said...