Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Visit

It's been a week since my visit to Baldwin-Wallace, and I've really been meaning to post about it, but... It hasn't happened. What can I say, I've been busy. I haven't written Shaela back either, and that was last Tuesday. Shame... I really need to do that.... this weekend. Heh.

Anyway, the Visit. It went very well, for all that I was nervous enough that I felt like I could throw up. We went into the admissions building (Bonds) and everyone was very nice, though Grace Chalker, the councilor we were set up to meet, wasn't in yet. So we sat, and lots of nice people came up to talk to us. One man comes up and says, "You're Ashley? From Crestline? Hi, I'm Dick Fletcher..." He was from Crestline also, and so naturally had to come down to meet us. He talked about some other students from Crestline, including one lady who majored in English and is now the VP of Reader's Digest. Holy cow. Ending when Grace came in, he gave me his card, saying, "If the others don't treat you right, you come to me." On the way home in the van, Mom asks me, "So what's his position, does his card say?" Oh, it did, and Mom was very grateful she didn't know it when we were talking to him. Dick Fletcher is the senior vice-president of BW!

Well, we went in to talk with Ms. Chalker, which went well. Whew! Mom gave her my transcript and the other documents they wanted for application. Grace looked them over and they were fine! Thank God above. Mom just about passed out from relief. That completed my application officially, and Grace said that I should be hearing back in a week or two. And she seemed pretty positive that I would be accepted considering our discussion moved on to the Honors program, which she's says I will very likely be invited to join. So... still waiting impatiently for the letter, but I should hear in the next week. o.O

After all that discussion about financial aid (13,600 in my pocket so far! and I'll get the finaid packet with the hopeful acceptance letter), and what I want to do, etc... We were introduced to Cindy (or Chinkle *grins*), who was student tour guide. She is a sophomore and is majoring in... business? if I remember aright. We toured south campus, hitting the Union last, which has the cafeteria and the restaurant... that I can't remember the name. We all got a free lunch on the college. And a very good lunch at that. Mom got some directions back to Bonds to rest, while Dad and I continued on with Cindy for a breeze-through of north campus.

On the way to north campus, we ducked into the rec center, and then we hit the library after crossing Bagley. North campus is where Cindy's resident's hall is, so after a quick point and label session, we went up two flights of the three to her room, and spotted a friend of Cindy's in the hall, Brandi (I think it was with an i...). (I think Cindy is friends with just about everyone. *smiles*) Cindy: "Is your room cleaner than mine?" Brandi, peering into her room specutively, shrugs: "Probably." Cindy: "Would you mind me showing your room...." etc. And so we got a brief glimpse of Brandi's room. Apparently, all the dorms come with a bed, a desk, a dresser, and some form of closet/wardrobe. A good thing that. And so we headed back to south campus to pick up Mom, and then... home.

Long day... but a good one. I felt very happy at the end of the day. I would really like to go there. Yep. Now, if only I wasn't so nervous all over again.

In other good news, I have finished grammar, and punctuation looks like it should be pretty quick. Thank God.



Nathaniel said...

I'm glad you had a good visit. Waiting impatiently for a post that says you were accepted.

~Ley said...

I'm pretty impatient myself!