Monday, March 02, 2009

Random, hopefully sensical post

Insanely busy. I feel like I'm lost in the middle of my own house. Too much to do! This week I have to shop for Mom's present, and Thursday we're going to tour BW (eep!) and the party's on Saturday, after I get home from an 8 hour day at the library. Bleh... Oh, and I need to cook Dad's Flat Bread on Wednesday, and work Tuesday and Friday. I'm all full up.

I have no idea what all that was about, but I feel better now that it's out. :) Whew! So, I'm thinking of posting the drawing Wednesday *fingers crossed*, so spread the word! I'll have two... three... I don't know, at least three books, maybe more to give away. I just have to remember. That's the key.

I will survive this year, somehow. I'm learning all sorts of neat survival tricks: Do not think about tomorrow, whatever you do! Pick the three most important things, and accomplish those, feel happy. There is always a positive side. Always. Really. Even if you have to squint a bit and kinda tilt your head to the side.... Yeah, I'll make it, hopefully intact.

Next week isn't so bad, in fact. Mom's birthday is tuesday, and there's another meal with more people. (Yeah, somehow she got like uber special.) And saturday is shopping. I hate shopping, and I actually am sorta looking forward to this. Sorta. But that's positive. *need messenger bag, need messenger bag, need....*

Okay, this post makes pretty much zero sense, but it sorta represents how my brain feels just about now, if you really want to know.

Oh, last bits of random news. One, I got my official Jan-Feb '09 verifications for WriYe: 1913. Yeah, not much but it's something. Two, if you like YA fiction, check out here. There's a contest, but you need to go tonight. And the rest of the week, too, but... go tonight. If you don't and you need help, drop me a comment.

Dokey, definitely leaving now. God bless!


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