Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Still Alive... and Breathing!

Yay me! I actually accomplished a lot this weekend. Well, sunday really. Saturday was work. Downstairs in the children's room. Booooring. I read through.... 17 months worth of Unshelved. Good comic.

Anyway, accomplished things, yes. I finished my application to Baldwin-Wallace, and am working on the other documents that I need to apply. I finally found the disadvantage of being homeschooled. Applying to college is just plain confusing. OSU's homeschooler policy is worse though. I'm still lost on that end of things. I really hope I'm accepted to BW. Heh.

I rather like the essay I wrote for the application. If you really beg, I might post it. Think Lawhead... I was.

So sunday, I mopped, washed my sheets and made my bed, wrote an essay, finished my application, wrote an e-mail to the admissions counselor about being homeschooled (and got a reply this evening!), finished reading my WRP book, and e-mailed Kat (who took over for Jill 'cause she's getting published in April!). Whew!

Next weekend won't be quite so bad. I just have to write my graduation essay (bleh), and clean the bathroom... That's all I can think of. Wow, that's nice.

I still need to do that giveaway, don't I? Huh, maybe... ooh, beginning of next month would be best. Somebody better remind me, or I'll forget. Again. :)

Speaking of giveaways.... look up!

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Nathaniel said...

I really need to post your 3 ahead of me now. I might work on it this weekend as I'm sick and writing a blog doesn't take any physical strength.