Sunday, February 08, 2009

General Update...

cause I's a naughty 'un and ain't posted in like, for-ev-er. So first a pan-apology that the blog died and I sorta left its rotting corpse lying around. (What can I say, I have a morbid imagination.) I'm writing this for my laptop which is what a month and a half old. I'm still working on a name for the dear thing. Until then it gets called all sorts of weird endearments.

Okay, let's try to mention the big stuffs here. Laptop, check. WriYe 2009? Yes, I did sign up again. Who can resist a challenge right? I didn't hit the goal last year, which was 100,000 words. My official count was 80-some. Good enough for me. It's probably doubled the wordcount of my... life. I'm aiming for 100,000 semi-seriously this year also. Basically, if I get there it's a miracle. I'm not trying real hard, but I'm trying to enjoy the chances I have.

Next up is... college. Why not. I've partially applied to OSU and am planning to apply to BW and possibly (this one is iffy) IC. Who knows maybe something else will come up to. I'm just glad the whole college issue is moving somewhere. I'm going to college!

The last big thing that I can think of, is Crystal. She is moving in. Moved in. Somewhere in between? Anyway, we're working on her becoming legal ward of my parents, and fortunately her guardians aren't protesting. Else, 'twouldn't be pretty.

Beyond that, I'm holding done a job, striving to do school, trying not to have a mental breakdown, and keeping my sanity only through the amazing writing of authors like Briggs, Hamilton, Kenyon (And yes, I am a minion!), and Carey. Along with... way too many others to count. Mine own writing helps too. It's amazing what the feeling of accomplishment can do for a crushed ego.

Anyway, I'm hoping to have a contest sometime.... I found some doubles of books on my shelf. And somehow it doesn't surprise me. But until then, pray for me, yeah? I'll try to post more regularly here. Good for my sanity if nothing else.

Or maybe I'll just go all Zarek on everybody and throw cares to the wind....

Whatever. Shine~Ley

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Crystal said...

I love your sentence today!
Oh, and when you go all Zarek on everybody just don't hit me and I'm good! lol