Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Renovation

You probably don't know, but a few years ago for my and Tasha's birthday's we were told we could paint our rooms however we wanted. Sweet huh? We debated and decided and bought paint and Tasha's room got done that summer.

Mine... Not so much.

Let's see, last summer while I was on my trip the floor got painted. By that point I'd had my room up in boxes for what, three years? After I got home the wall where my bookshelves are and the shelves were painted. I could unpack my books! Victory is in sight!

One year later... The ceiling, the walls, finally! But... they're the wrong color.

Okay, back up. There is a reason they're the wrong color. Dad didn't think he'd gotten enough paint. (I know, I know, four years later and now you realize this? But, hey, better late than... later.) So he painted with different shades of my original colors, green and brown, left-overs that we had lying around. Whatever, I was just happy the half-primer/drywall and half-pink look was gone.

But it wasn't right, mm? Not my colors. So I made a deal. Just, please, pretty please, finish the main painting, and I'll sponge my colors on top. Perfect, right? In hindsight I gotta say, even if the idea wasn't perfect, it was brilliant. *coughs* If I do say so myself.

I was going to do it say, September, after I got settled into school and while it was still warm enough to have the windows open. But then not only did school hit, so did a brand new job! *gasp, cough, choke*

So it got put off.

Then I came up with another brilliant idea. At least I thought so at the time. And it's a really good thing Mom held me to it, else it would never have gotten done. I'd take a week off school it October and finish it all. Wonderful, perfect! Or close to it anyway.

So I did. I vacuumed and sponged and looked all punk and cute in my paint clothes and just enjoyed myself to the fullest. Let me tell ya, sponging is the way to go. Oh my gosh it's so easy! Until you get sick as a dog, that is.

Yup, sick. Remember in the Goodbye Hollywood Nobody post when I mentioned that? It wasn't the flu. It was paint fumes. My luck, huh? Thursday I started coming down with it (fortunately that was my last day painting), and by Friday, I was miserable. Ick. Who knew I was so sensitive?

But it was so worth it. My room is amazing now! And if I was into that I would post pictures for you, but well, you'll just have to imagine. I'm so happy!

Of course, since I got sick, I never really finished putting my room back together. Some of my furniture is still pulled away from the walls, and I have half-packed boxes lying around, but I'll get my act together... soon. *grins*

And this spring I'm thinking the floors (the only thing that originally was going to be sponged)... and some touchwork. Yeah... even if I get sick.

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