Thursday, October 04, 2007

Marcher Lord Press

Marcher Lord Press is a new independent publisher that specializes in speculative and related areas of fiction.

Yeah. Sweet. The official luanch date is October 1, 2008 (God willing ;-) ). I'm waiting on tip-toe. *smiles*

So, if you're a reader or writer, check out their site and get some info. Sign up for their newsletter. Maybe win a prize. And come next year, read some good books. I'm all for that.

Speaking of speculative fiction, I just finished The Restorer by Sharon Hinck. It was amazing. And you know, I knew that it was going to end that way. It's kinda frustrating. I need The Restorer's Son next.... now! *sighs* But I'm broke. And the library just isn't cool like that (my new favorite way to refer to them, after all they are cool in some ways).

I've been trying to bribe Richard into buying it for me. So far, no luck. Mom isn't cooperating as she should. *smiles* At least, I won't have to wait too long for the third one. It comes out December.



Humph. I need my book. Let's see, we're going to the library tomorrow and if......

*grins wickedly*


Nathaniel said...

You could buy The Restorer's Son on Amazon.

~Ley said...

I ordered it lat night from eCampus. Under 10 bucks. Can't resist a deal like that.

Nathaniel said...

No you can't.

~Ley said...

*gazes innocently at the sky*

~Ley said...
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Nathaniel said...

I need pizza.

Jefferson Scott said...

Hi, ~Ley.

Thanks for the great pointer to Marcher Lord Press!

One thing for you and your readers to note: if you refer someone to Marcher Lord Press and that person names you as the referrer, YOUR name gets added another time to the prize drawing pool. Every time you are named as referrer, your chances of winning one of the fabulous prizes increases.

So spread the word!

Jeff Gerke
Marcher Lord Press