Monday, October 22, 2007

I breathe therefore....

...I survive? Not quite enough for me, but I guess it's a start. Ever feel like all you're managing to do in life is breathe? But I'm think maybe, just maybe, I might be starting to push through. I hope. 8P

A happy thought... I wrote yesterday! An entire 4 pages. Okay, so they're hand-written, but talk about rush. Yow. Of course, I haven't written today, debating on which way Trev is going to react to this awkward situation. Somehow it keeps changing on me. Not something that happens often. I'm really having to dissect him. Not literally of course. *shudders* But you get the drift.

Now, I know I started this post with something in mind to put in it. Humph.


I got The Restorer's Son. Yee! I was so happy. And I read it faster than I knew I was capable. The third's on my Christmas list. (Mom's already got us started. The thought of shopping makes me panicky.) I can't imagine waiting that long! But there's other good books lying around to tide me over.

Well, I'm going to get back to reading The Secret Life of Becky Miller here in a few minutes, so I'm dropping this to finish up my e-mails. Yikes! That's what I get for not getting online in over a week.


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