Tuesday, July 03, 2007

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!

It's so close, I can feel it! Yeah, buddy! I am ready to go! (Oh, except for this little thing called packing, but let's not spoil the mood, hmm?)

Okay, but seriously, in all other respects, I am ready. Everything is bought and payed for. I have over $100 extra that I can use for whatever I can possibly think of. Tomorrow, I will buy a set of headphones (hopefully good ones) and a internation phone card and I'm good. I'll start packing friday.... finish saturday.... stuff in the last couple of things sunday morning....

*sighs* Yup, it's gonna be good. Let's see what I can tell you, since you, unfortunately, won't be hearing from me for a month. On sunday morning, we'll go to the Columbus airport and get on a flight to the Washington D.C. Dulles airport (yes, my first flight, ever!) then we will (if all goes as it should) be picked up at baggage claim and taken to concourse B, the Air France counter where we will meet the rest of the team. At 1020 all of us will finally be leaving Washington for.... Paris! Even with my 4 hour layover (I'm in Group 2, with the longer layover waits) I doubt I'll get to see any of that though. Still...

So we'll arrive in Warsaw, Poland on July 9 at approximately 1815. I'm not certain about Germany, but in Poland I know we will be working with a European group, Jesus Revolution. I am so hyped!

Pray for me, please!


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