Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I really have been meaning to post, but life, well, it just is.

What do I start with? My, well, Christmas break is on, if you can call such a thing as this a break. But at least there's no school. Sort of. I have history I need to do, but I can't until this book comes in at Lexington. *sighs and waits*

Christmas, itself? Don't ask me. I don't have a clue. Okay, so I do. But only a slight one. We're going to Uncle Randy's and Aunt Cindy's on friday and coming back sunday. I don't know if Dad will be able to go at all. Tonight he might be working over as late as 2200. Monday, the 25th, the Whites will be at our house. Happy holidays.

I saw Eragon. I thought it was a pretty good movie. A bit rushed, but good. As to following the book, it could've used help. A lot of it. There's just one thing I'm wondering. At the theater they have this huge set-up thingy (*grins*) and as I passed by I glanced at it and then immediately wondered. "Did that say The First Chapter in the Inheritance Trilogy or The First Chapter in the Inheritance Series? I'm still not sure and it's driving me nuts. 'Cause if it said series... well now, that changes everything. I need to read the books over again, because the movie really lost me on a couple parts with my weak yet present memory of the book. You understand? Two things I must say. First I thought they did great with Durza, the shade. Second, I thought they completely ruined Angela.

But moving on. My missions trip fund is in the 600's! I have money! Too bad I don't know who it's from. I need to go to the library and try there because the financial report won't work on my slow computer. I'm so excited. But I still don't want Crystal to go with me. Please pray for me. Sometimes I just feel like, hmmm, bleh.

I read a really good book right before school let out. Hood by Stephen Lawhead, the first book in King Raven trilogy. Robin Hood in Wales. Yeah, sweet. I've read one other series by him, The Song of Albion. The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, and The Endless Knot. Not the exact editions I read, but you gotta admit, the new covers are freakin' awesome. For history I'll be reading some more of his books.

Ach, I must tell ye this. I'm reading The Fires of Gleannmara series again. For like my sixth time. I highly recommend theses books. I love 'em, I love 'em, I love 'em. I had to read them, I couldn't resist! Hey, it's been almost a whole year since last time. That's probably better than all my previous records.

Ah, you must remind me to tell you all about Crystal's Christmas gift on Wednesday. Quite a story that.


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