Saturday, December 30, 2006

Driving Lesson

Today was my first lesson. Scary, huh? I even drove home. My left leg is so sore and weak I can barely walk on it. Great time to be posting. I did pretty good though. (I think.) I really don't like the driveway, though. Too hard to see. I was lucky enough to only meet two cars on the drive home.

Blogger has lost me with all the changes. I never switched to beta in the first place and now it's something new. Ach! I'll figure it out. Eventually.

I have $655 in my GE account so far. That's a very happy thing. I can't wait to go. But I will. *sighs*

My life is falling apart somedays, it feels like. (Wonderfully crafted sentence, is it not?) Somedays there is just too much. But I'm figuring it out. With a few good cries at night and a lot of prayer, (from me and others) I'm making it. Slowly.

Life is,

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