Monday, June 05, 2006


I got my poster today! I am so happy. Now I just have to wait for my room to get finished so I can put it on my wall. *sigh* Hopefully this summer. I know exactly where I'm going to put it. Actually I know how I'm going to arrange my whole room. I get to unpack all my boxes, get rid of some stuff. (After all, if I've lived without it for 2 years how important can it be?) Oh I can't wait. Please God, let it be finished this summer.

The poster is humongous. It is so sweet. It's the cover of the third book in the DragonKeeper series, DragonKnight. At the bottom of the poster are all three book covers. I can't wait till I can buy the book! Just a few more days till it's out. 'Course I have to have the money too. I should though. I think.

Either way, I will read this book sometime soon. I can't wait. Hehe. Soon, my pretties, soon!

Well, I need to go eat my lunch, then shopping for Tasha's birthday present. What to get... Oh dear.

God bless,

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