Saturday, April 11, 2009

AAAHH!! (and another Contest *grins*)

All this college stuff is happening too darn fast, I tell you! I'm getting envelopes, like, every day from BW with more stuff I need to deal with. And I'm trying to hunt down scholarships/grants/free money. Take my advice on this. College junk *coughs*, I mean applications and financial aid, is not something to procrastinate about. No matter how busy your life seems at the time, trust me, it only gets busier!

Other then my brief, daily panic attacks, really, I'm doing well. *insert skulls-head grin* School is, comparatively, winding down. Thank God. Work is, well, work, but it's fairly good money too, so we deal, yes? I found a good scholarship search site, Let me just say, I'm going to be writing essays like mad. I'll survive it though. Good for me, right?

And a contest, naturally. If you like paranormal romance (like me, heh) you have to check out Anya Bast's blog. Holy cow, yeah? And of course, Lori Devoti still has her Full Moon of Werewolves going on for a few more days!


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