Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Have a Job! (for Real)

And unlike the Wild Rose Press position (though I dearly love it) this one pays. Yup, cash money. *sighs* Finally. I won't be consistently broke!

So, yesterday, Mom and I are shopping. I'm in the dressing room. The very hot dressing room trying on a shirt and hoping to get out of the very hot dressing room as freaking fast as possible. And my cell phone rings.

I look at the caller, hoping that it's Crystal or somebody and I can just ignore her. Crap. The Library. I have to answer. So I stand in the hot dressing room, phone plastered to my ear and discovering just how impossible it is to take off a button-up shirt with said phone plastered to said ear. In case you were wondering, very.

I come out of the dressing room and go over to where Mom is standing. "It fits," I say. "And I'm hired."

She just kind of stares at me as she processes this and then immediately begins calling people. Because I'm hired. Wow.

So yet again, I'm following in my dear sister's footsteps. I swear, next job I have I am not inheriting from my sister. But for now, this is good.

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Nathaniel said...

Congratulations on the job! I'm so happy for you. I know how tough looking for one can be. Yes the time stamp on this is right. 3 AM again.