Friday, July 18, 2008

Mid-Morning Crisis

Today is the full moon. I had hoped for 5,000 again. Now I'm thinking my 200 or so is pretty good. And the computer should be shot.

I had a mid-morning crisis. I wrote say 1,000 words, lost them, cried, and now am trying to get up the courage to start over. Suck. I'm barely managing to type this.

After I came down from my crying jag, I got in the laundry and was going to have lunch when Grandma stopped by. Grandma from down Texas Grandma, who is by the way coming for supper, say 5:30 and spending the night as of... yesterday?, so I knew I would have to get my writing in early. That left me 7-8 hours. I thought I could handle it.

But then came the crisis, and there went 2 hours of possible recovery time chatting with Grandma. Not that I did much talking. In fact, when they first showed up, I was just trying hard not to burst into tears again.

Now I have three hours left and practically 0 words written even though I sat here at the computer for an hour writing. They're gone.

I am so getting a keystroke log on my computer.


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Nathaniel said...

I'm so sorry. I know how that feels at least sorta. I can't tell you the amount of times I lost my entire blog post after putting in an hour or so on it. I hope you make your word count.