Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thinks to Do:

(Yeah, totally stole that phrase...)

  1. get my license (the all important driver's license. oh my gosh, we'd all die without cars. ppppthhhtt.)
  2. get a job (now this one, i actually think is important. but this means i have to....)
  3. write my resume (yipes, scary. ohh, dad!)
  4. take down the Christmas tree (i can handle this. unfortunately, it comes with a time limit. my birthday. *gasp*)
  5. figure out where i'm going to college (ah, what the heck, let's all go to Hawai'i!)
  6. write something (um, yeah. how about ANYTHING.)
  7. write post on the Theory of Systems (been planning on doing that for, um, ever?)

No big deal. Just life after all....

1 comment:

Nathaniel said...

I posted a new blog.
I know the job thing is hard. I really need one but it scares me to death. I don't know if I get one will I like it? Will I have the strength to keep going if I don't? I also have a great fear of rejection.
I like the Hawaii Idea that would work for me.
I guess, I'll leave you alone now. I know school is crazy right now and we all need a little space.