Tuesday, February 05, 2008

*Stares Blankly At Screen*

Feeling weirded a tad bit right now. Pardon me.

I was feeling restless reading The Three Musketeers, after all I just won a book. So I decided to get on and go OCD checking e-mail. (Hey, I'm leveling up in DF too. Is that considered constructive?) So, I open up Yahoo! and guess what's waiting in my inbox?

No, I didn't win a million dollars. I never believe those anyway. I won... another book.

Yes, a book. That's three this year. Two today! It's like my birthday, but better 'cause it's totally unexpected. Like hearing a song you love on the radio is so much more exciting than popping in the cd. Unexpected and exhilarating. Not to mention just plain freaking weird.

I'm feeling the need to mark this day on my calender for all posterity or something equally irrational. I feel special.


1 comment:

Nathaniel said...

Wow! two books in one day that's really cool. The cool thing about today is that there was an update on your blog.