Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have decided to make a list at the begining of every month to help me stay on track (What track? Well, I haven't quite figured that one out yet.). I posted my list for this month, although it had only to do with GE, it's progress. Let's see what updates I can give on it.

First thing, I asked Mom about the labels, then I asked Heather about the labels, then I asked Mom again.... Finally I just figured it out on my own and we're set and going.

I have the authorization code from Heather. But I need to ask Dad what airport I'll be leaving from before I call or apply online.

Letters are printed and envelopes stuffed. They wait patiently on the table to be delivered.

I have my passport photos taken and the application filled out. Except thinking back on it, I think I forgot to fill in my SSN. I'll check on that.

I have my first order, but no baking yet. Soon.

Tetanus shot done, with no ill side effects. Just a tad bit sore.

To add to my list I need to write February's AYF bulletin and figure out this insurance thing. I'll go and add them now.


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